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Zulfahmi Syamsuddin


The destruction of character and moral values significantly influence the progress and degeneration of a country’s civilization. Therefore, evaluating and examining a concept of civilized character from the past for a future development is essential, especially related to the intellectual aspects that form the character. This study aimed at examining the thought of Al-Ghazali and Ibn Miskawayh in character concept; Moreover, this study also looks at the similarities and differences of both character concepts in the intellectual aspect to be applied in Islamic education. The methodology used in this study is inquiry approach through philosophical analysis with interpretation analysis, inductive, deductive, and comparative. A checklist for analyzing texts concerning character aspect has been created in order to know the concept of character in accordance with intellectual aspect. The text analysis of al-Ghazali’s thought refers to Ihya’ Ulum al-Din, Mizan al-Amal dan Ayyuha al-Walad books. While the analysis of Miskawayh’s thought refers to Tahdhib al-Akhlaq, The Refinement of Character and The Ethical Philosophy of Miskawayh books. The result reveals that in general alGhazali and Ibn Miskawayh’s thought discuss the noble character (ummahat al-akhlaq). Both figures view that there is a power of knowledge inside the human soul that controls anger, appetitive faculties and completes the power of justice to distinguish between good and evil. The difference is that Al-Ghazali presents intellectual aspects internally and he groups it under gharizi sense (instinct) and muktasab sense (effort). On the other hand, Ibn Miskawayh explains those aspects externally from processes of thought and objects of thought. Based on the comparison of the two figures, the concept of character includes applicable intellectual aspects of Islamic education based in the mind (‘aql) which produce wisdom (hikmah) to determine good and true choices and to implement them in teaching and learning in Islamic education.


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